Aims & Objectives

EMF has wide range of projects, in order to improve and develop the society with its Motto, “CARE AND CURE EPILESPY”, to bring Healthy Society and educated society to enhance other planning to offer inclusion of persons with Epilepsy to repudiate the curse of society. The vision is to realize individuals, groups, institutions and media to ensure their financial moral support, AND the aims and objects for which the Association is going to establish are given as under: –

  • Empowerment of marginalized and disadvantaged groups i.e persons with Epilepsy, children, women, and man, strengthening efforts to cure from disease and support and help them in approaching to diagnosis tests like EEG, CT SCAN, MARI etc and provide all medicine long terms or short terms medicine at the door step.
  • To promote social inclusion of persons with epilepsy through inclusive development.
  • To promote quality awareness regarding Epilepsy in far flung rural areas
  • To Promote  Basic Health Approaches i.e Proper Nutrition , cure and care of epilepsy patients .
  • Promotion of Sexual and Reproductive health rights for women (SRHR).
  • Promotion of human rights and freedom of Expression.
  • Capacity building of stakeholders and end users for sustainable natural resources management.
  • Promotion of Eco sanitation approaches.
  • Promotion of solid waste management.
  • Promotion of low cost sustainable sanitations approaches.
  • Provision of basic hygiene supplies and are proper information on behavior practices related to water, sanitation and hygiene as per PATS/CLTS (Pakistan approach towards total sanitation/Community Led total sanitation)
  • Prevention of vulnerable communities against water Born and vector born diseases i.e  Typhoid, Diherria, Hepatitis A,B,C etc
  • To raise awareness among the people for adopting healthy life style through trainings and workshops.
  • To  empower the patients of epilepsy through vocational and income generation activities and their rehabilitation to and therapy services
  • To increase outreach of patients and connect people with epilepsy to the Foundation in a manner that meets their needs
  • To promote awareness regarding reduction epilepsy taboos and social behavioral change with epileptic patients.